Here I am Lord, send me!
(as long as I can stay in my comfort zone)
Here I am Lord, use me!
(as long as my friends won’t leave me)
Here I am Lord, save me!
(as long as we can keep this arrangement quiet)
Here I am Lord, forgive me!
(as long as I don’t have to give up my old ways)
Here I am Lord, change my life!
(as long as my life doesn’t really change)

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When we look back over the way God led us on earth, we will discover that everything - yes, everything - was ordained by God for our very best. Today, we do not understand why many things happen. But in that day, we will understand perfectly. But the man of faith does not have to wait until that day. He believes and knows it even now. He does not have to wait until God explains the reason for everything that happened to him on earth. Right now he sings, “Lord! Your ways are perfect!”
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The love of Jesus is greater than the ache of my heart.

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The stars are jealous of Christ’s love for you, the ocean would dry up just for a moment of attention that Jesus gives you daily. You may have scars, but Christ’s scars are evidence that yours are not a sign of your lack of faith, but rather a sign of your miracle of redemption!

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reblogging because I needed to be reminded again today.

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It’s in Christ that we find out who we are and what we are living for.
Ephesians 1:11, MSG (via caitlacoop)

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Idolatry is not just a failure to obey God, it’s a setting of the whole heart on something besides God.
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